Monday, 4 October 2010

Time Flies...

Over a month since the last post, and a lot has happened, very exciting news for next year so watch this space......

The moths and caterpillars are finally over for this year, at last. We found one or two escapees who had cocooned in strange places - one in the recycling bin and how he got there is a real mystery. The silk crop for this year has been good and I have combed most of it out into lovely, long, lustrous fibre. Now I have to decide how to use it. Though I have managed to do a small sample from each variety to show with the moth when doing talks.

I have today had a bit of a dye fest - I've dyed a kilo each of madder and cutch, some cochineal, some dhak, mordented some top and some more yarn and am about to put some commercial silk fibre in the pot to mordant for the up and coming Textile Traders Day at Duchy Square. It's the 29th and 30th October, if anyone would like to come and see all the wonderful stuff on display and for sale there - after all, Christmas is coming.... Most of the dyeing is for me, but I have just put a kg of indigo dyed dk yarn in the post for a lady in Sussex.

Off to check the dyepots and will try to remember to keep a bit more up to date with the blog, but time will tell.

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