Monday, 8 February 2010

Is Spring just around the corner?

Well, I was tempted to think so because we have had glorious sunshine, the birds are building their nests and there is evidence that leaf buds are forming on the trees. Today has brought the cold winds back, though, and a cloudy sky so maybe we'll have to be patient. I'm hoping the oak is not as late in leaf this year as last as it puts my caterpillar season back.

Still, I have mordanted 3kg of yarn over the last 24 hours and am just about to put some more on to cook. This is destined partly for Unravel, in Surrey at the end of February, and partly for a new venture down here on Dartmoor, The Art Chapel (, run by my good friends Anne Middleton and Brigid Arnold. There will be craft kits to buy, courses to take and all manner of goodies! Grand Opening is on 6th March and by an amazing coincidence, that is also the day of the Moretonhampstead (Art Chapel's location) Food and Drink Festival! If you are on Dartmoor, come and join in.

Now to decide what colours to dye the yarn.....I'll show you later in the week what I have done.