Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well, time marches on and all the Japanese cats have spun, as have most of the a.pernyi - just the last two huge chaps to decide they've eaten enough.
The Robin Moths are changing daily, most have gone through their black, hairy stage and are beginning to enter the "yellow with red knobs on their head" stage!
I have passed some of the Robin babies on to a friend and I hope she will enjoy them as much as I do.
I have some Chinese Oak moth eggs that arrived in the post this morning from Worldwide Butterflies (, so I hope they will hatch - this will be the last lot of eggs for this year - I hope the moths that are pupating will emerge and mate and I can store some fertile eggs for next year.

I'm going to post 4 photos, one of the three stages of the Robin cats, a serendipitous opportunity as I was cleaning them today, one of the larger of the small black cats up against an almost fully grown a.pernyi cat (the Robins are usually slightly larger than these!) and a close up of the current instar of the Robin babies


  1. Hi Jane

    Do you keep all your cats in the same cage? Or whatever you keep them in, or do you keep them separate?


  2. Hi Alison

    I keep them "free range!" That is, I keep them on branches of the foodstuff they prefer, put the branches in a container in blocks of oasis foam, and let the cats wander about wherever they like. Mostly they stay on the food but sometimes one or two will go for a little walk, most often when they are about to spin, so we do find them in odd places occasionally!

    The branches are currently on my dining room table (well covered in newspaper and polythene!)