Monday, 30 March 2009

Wonder how long I'll keep this daily addition going! Bet it won't be long before the habit fades...

Today I rescued some exhaust dyebaths: cutch waste, cutch and marigold. I've put the three of them in one solar jar with some Corriedale top and it is looking very interesting. The colour is a gold-y yellow with a distinctly green tinge. What it will look like when I take it out is anyone's guess, but it will be a few weeks before it is "cooked." I have put it in the display window at the Duchy, but might have to give it a blast in the conservatory at home - the windows are polychromatic and go black at the slightest hint of sun. They are far too sensitive, because the architect over-corrected on the specification! Still, it helps the building's carbon footprint.

I have almost finished warping my Kombo with a silk acid dyed warp that has been waiting to be woven for longer than I care to remember, so will be able to get on with that next time I am in the studio. Won't be tomorrow, because I will be teaching art and craft to my two groups of learning disabled adults. I hope to get a big batch of mordanting done, too.

Now I shall toddle off to wind some silk chenille for wetting out - yum!


  1. The weather is still a bit cold for my cocoons and eggs to come out of the fridge and the buds on the various food plants are not very promising as yet, so no progress with the cats yet!

  2. Well, a slight break of several days, due to the fact that I forgot my password and Google took forever sending the email to change it!

    I've been busy at the studio and am having tomorrow at home, mainly to arrange some dates for courses - anyone reading this blog who would like to learn how to spin, dye, weave or design can send me an email!

    Still watching the trees for signs of leaf development and it's looking good! I hope to get the eggs out soon but need to clear a space for the little dears first...

    I dyed some wool with rhubarb root today and got the expected yellow with an acid modifier, but my red all washed out when I rinsed it, so have put the skein back to heat again with an increased quantity of washing soda and it looks better. It has been "resting" since I left this morning so I will inspect and report back. I have left a slow cooker of mylobaran at the studio (turned off!) and will see how that turns out, probably on Tuesday.